D. I. Y. Auto Repair

Do it yourself and save a few bucks. Why not?

Well, actually there are a lot of reasons why NOT to do it yourself. But there are probably more reasons to try to do it than there are reasons not to. The reasons not to DIY are some pretty good ones, such as no experience at it, no proper tools to do the job, no source material to consult for procedures, no extra time to commit to the project, a time constraint that might only be overcome if an experienced mechanic is paid to do it, and no courage to give it a try.

But the reasons for giving it a go and maybe learning something along with it, are so much more rewarding if you have the time, and the tools, and the resources to consult (and the courage).

DIY Auto Repair is committed to giving you the resources you need to do the job yourself. The courage is up to you, but the time spent can be cut down if you just practice doing some of these things yourself instead of timidly paying through the nose for someone else to do it for you, over and over again.

The DIY tune-up is one of the most basic projects, but not the simplest one to tackle if it is your first DIY attempt. Start with tire changing, battery installation, wiper blades, oil change, and headlamps. Most people move past those projects pretty quickly, and are ready for more. That’s the key to this whole thing. Build your courage by doing some of the simpler jobs first. Then you can move on to a brake job or a tune-up.

Car tuning is something that has been associated with a high degree of skill, but much of the skill required to do this has been abandoned to the ages by modern advancement in engine design. There are no carburators to adjust on today’s engines, which removes one of the most challenging tasks from car tuning.

That brake job is easier today, too, since so many cars now use disk brakes instead of drums. Those drums were a bit intimidating what with all those springs and small parts to stick back together once you got it all disassembled and the new shoes in place. Disks are a lot easier to work on, with less to remember, and fewer pieces to mess with.

Here we have assembled some of the key components to a proper DIY setting, including the books you will need, and the suppliers where you can get those necessary replacement parts.

Check us out and then Do It Yourself!



DIY Auto Repair: Why Do It Yourself?

Do it yourself, and save. That is the motto of the individualist, the adventurous, the bold. Why pay for someone else’s training if you can do the task yourself and wind up with both the money you would have spent, and a healthy dose of that training, as well.

There are lots of reasons why it might be a good idea to pay someone to do a job, especially if you have none of that bold, adventurous, individualist nature in you. But others will balk at spending the money without giving it a try for themselves first. That may be a wise choice in many situations, but you do have to consider that sometimes it behooves you to spend the money and have it done by someone who knows the ropes already.

Your DIY auto repair might take two or three times as long to get finished as it would someone who has done the job many times before. But if time is not critical, you might try to tackle the job. If, on the other hand, you need the job done quickly and you have little or no direct experience with doing it yourself (or even watching it get done), then you may need to pay this time (and watch!).

Many who are accustomed to the DIY attitude and lifestyle, have little problem tackling a new project, even though they have very limited experience in the field. And once you do dive into one or two initial projects in any area of work, the projects start to look a lot less intimidating. Change the oil, replace a few fuses, the wiper blades and a headlamp, and who knows? You might be ready to tackle that brake pad replacement.

Do it yourself if you have just a little bit of courage, a dash of curiosity, and the desire to both learn something and save money at the same time. That’s not a bad combination considering how much people are frequently willing to PAY to learn something new.

No courage? No experience or time to spare? Then pay to have it done, and be back on the road in no time. But remember: at some point it might behoove you to learn some of these tasks for yourself. It’s not just about saving money. There is a certain satisfaction you can get from doing it yourself.